How to Manage Weekend Eating

Recently I have noticed that I have been having trouble keeping tabs on my weekend nutrition. The week is nice and long and I feel like I need a reward for all the effort and perhaps perseverance shown over the last 120 hours.

Although I do not go all out most of the time, I do find that come Monday I have lost some of that headway on the scales that I had achieved the previous week.

Now, I could go into an all or nothing mode and make a vow to not go out for dinner or cut out all alcohol for the foreseeable future. Believe me I have done that before and seen results but have had no fun and almost lost my fantastic wife over it.

A much more realistic approach is needed for me to have fun, be social, have a drink and enjoy some nice food.

I am going to list a few pragmatic pointers you can apply to your weekends when you are going out for dinner to make sure you stay on track.

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