My name is Alex.

Location: Highgate / Archway

Exercise needs to be enjoyable! You should be able to look, feel and move well whilst enjoying the process!

Want your body to function to its maximum, exactly how nature designed it?

I believe everybody should have the capability to move well and feel strong. Are you a desk worker? A full-time parent? A keen runner? It makes no difference!

Learning how to correctly squat, lunge, push and pull gives you a greatly improved chance of applying these good movements in your day-to-day life. That is how we will make your body resilient and pain-free for years to come.

Bespoke training designed for people exactly like you

Looking for a Personal Trainer in Highgate and Archway? With thousands of hours spent in gyms and studios, training hundreds of clients, I’ve gained a huge wealth of knowledge in optimal human movement, pain management, and strength training.

My passion is making that knowledge easy to understand and then sharing it with you - in a practical and digestible way.

‘Move well and move often’ - Grey Cook

personal trainer in Highgate and Archway
My commitment to you

I will show you how to build a strong and resilient body, functioning to its maximum - exactly how nature designed it!

Strength Training

I'll create a strength training exercise plan to safely and effectively build your lean muscle mass and bone density.


Sustaining a good posture ensures your bones are well aligned with the rest of the body, while the tension in your muscles and ligaments is properly distributed.

Pain Mangement

Understanding where pain comes from is always the first step. I will then teach you ways to manage and lessen your pain through exercise.

Training at the gym in Highgate and Archway

Move better, live better

As your Personal Trainer in Highgate and Archway, I’ll help you move better, feel more energised and banish achy muscles that may be troubling you day-to-day.

Improving quality of life and the time you spend outside the gym with friends and family is so important. And for those with especially busy schedules, you can now train with me online!

How will our sessions look?

We’ll use a mixture of specific strength exercises combined with essential mobility training that will provide you with a strong, well balanced body.

Alex training a client at the studio in Highgate and Archway

Busy professional or desk worker? Check out my extensive library of mobility videos online!

Performing daily maintenance on yourself will help a great deal with those aches and pains that have now become acceptable in our modern world.

Watch Anywhere

Train with me at home or on the go using any of your mobile devices.

And finally...

Enough already! Get me Alex!

Okay, deep breath in, and out. You’re about to take a huge step towards your fitness goals and all round amazing goodness. Reach out to Alex, your new Personal Trainer in Highgate and Archway, through the form or by giving him a call. We’re so proud of you!

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